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640 Romence Road Suite 112
Portage, MI 49024

(269) 329-2950

Professional Hair, Nail, Massage, & Spa Care in the Portage & Kalamazoo area!

Moxie Salon & Spa opened in the Spring of 2014. We want you to enjoy your experience in our relaxing and welcoming environment that is both laid back and professional . We offer high quality full service hair care and spa treatments.

Call (269) 329-2950 to reserve your appointment and let us help you find your inner Moxie!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get their haircut at Moxie Salon & Spa?

Yep! If you are a man, woman or child and you have hair... it will be cut.

Do I need an appointment to get my hair done at Moxie Salon & Spa?

An appointment for a desired stylist or service is always best but, if you do not mind waiting , no.

What is fibroblast plasma lift?

This treatment is new advanced technology with skin tightening which has no cutting, no scarring and very little down time.

WHy doesn't my hair color not last?

If you have a color service done in a salon and you do not use shampoo and conditioners sold in a salon... that is the reason.

what is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is not a tattoo. It is a semi permanent approach to depositing ink (not as deep into the skin as a tattoo) which offers a ‘stay put makeup’ for an extended period of time. With a refresh appointment you can maintain the color for years.

Do hair products from Target or Walgreens work as well as professional products?

No. Professional hair products were created by professionals for professional hair services with higher grade ingredients and can only be guaranteed if sold in a salon. Store bought products are made from cheaper ingredients and fillers which is why they are cheaper. If you spend $80 on a color service in a salon... why would you invest in a $3 bottle of shampoo and conditioner?

Should I wash my hair before an up-do?

No! Dirty hair holds better! If you do wash your hair before your appointment, please make sure it is fully dried and put some product in it. Remember, the dirtier the better! (unless it smells, then maybe wash it a little...)

Should I wash my hair before a regular haircut?

Either way, it's not a big deal. Getting your hair shampooed is one of the things to enjoy about getting your hair cut here!

Is it helpful if I bring in a picture of a haircut I like?

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But, remember everyone has different hair, so results may vary. Pictures of yourself with haircuts you've liked in the past are extra helpful. We can make that work, because it's your hair!

How long does hair color last?

It does depend on your hair and how well you take care of your hair prior to a color service. Usually appointments for color are made every 4-6 weeks.